Specially Designed For Home Makers And House Wives And Part Time Job Seekers


Dear sir/Madam

We are a professionally managed Dry-Cleaning service based in Gurgaon , we are in a process of making some business partners in different societies and specified areas .

The special features of the scheme are as follows:-

For that, this is the proposal:-

  1. You will be responsible for your Society Dry-Cleaning and laundry services, which includes cloth, carpet , curtains, soft toys and cars etc. dry clean and laundry
  2. You will be provided with the following items:-
    • ID Card
    • Bill Book
    • SIM card and all other accessories
  3. Training will be given to you for all type of works related to the franchise modal
  4. You will be responsible to check the wear and tear of all the collected stuff
  5. You will be dealt as a business partner or small franchise of the company
  6. Daily pickup and drop of the cloths will be provided at your door step
  7. For any kind of further loss/damage company will be responsible
  8. Rates will be as per the price list and other schemes time to time
  9. Company will promote you in your area with a no. of mean like add, Flyers, S.M.S, Mailers and Face book etc.
  10. You will be sole franchise for your prescribed area, other franchises will not be given until and unless either you permit or you left the franchise
  11. For this company Incentive/Commission scheme is as follows:-
    Up to sale of Rs 50,000/- per month 8 % of the billing amount
    For sale of Rs 50,001 to Rs 100,000/- per month 10% of the billing amount
    For sale of Rs 100,001/- per month and above 12% of the billing amount
  12. For this, franchise, security amount is Rs. 50000/ =(Rs. Fifty thousand only Refundable)
  13. Every Monday to Monday (Or any other decided day) will be the settlement day for all kind bills and your commission which will give you instant remuneration instead of monthly.

For Goyanka Green Drycleaner & Launderers

Deshbandhu Gupta


B 2 G. Floor, Golden Arcade,

Ansal Essencia Sec 67 Gurgaon